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Mills Board Case Name: Institution: MILLS BOARD CASE General Mills Company was formed in 1982 after Washburn Crosby Company merged with a number of large mills in the United States. Over the years, the management and progress of the company has been very unstable.


The board of directors of the company does not show good tactics in solving the issues affecting the company. This is the main problem that has afflicted General Mills Company for many years. Lack of good strategies in running the company is very evident. The company is seen to be shifting from one type of business into another with the aim of expanding their business or maximizing profits, but in return, it gets losses. This is a show poor market research and consideration of the market statistics over the years. According to Wojahn, General Mills Company underwent a series of losses after it decided to start business dealing in non-food substances. This was immediately after the Second World War when it ventured into home appliances, electronic goods, animal feeds, and commercial flour. Wojahn (Wojahn, 2003: p25) says that this was as a result of the rush they had into the market after noticing opportunities to invest in. They needed to conduct a market research to determine the market trends, their preferred produce and customer patterns before they could venture into it (Wojahn, 2003: p25). Their lack of good strategies also makes the board decide on moving out of a market without proper consideration of future outcomes. The company easily pulls out from a market it has tried out but has not been successful. This is shown immediately after the Second World War when it pulled out from electronic goods, home appliances, and animal feeds. ...
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