Marketing Plan for a Mobile Application Business Plan

Marketing Plan for a Mobile Application Business Plan Coursework example
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Marketing Plan for a Mobile Application Business Plan Table of Contents 5. MARKETING PLAN 3 5.1 Marketing Segmentation 3 5.2 Competitor Analysis 4 5.3 Buyer Behavior 6 5.4 Size of Target Market 7 5.5 Marketing Strategy 7 References 9 5. MARKETING PLAN Most of the time management applications (apps) focus on ascertaining and managing the time spent on projects that are related to work, professional purpose or at office.


There is extensive requirement of a holistic time management applications in the market, which Personal Time Manager would be able to fulfill. It would be able to assist people to plan out their official and personal activities (Blythe, 2009). Apart from managing the office projects, the time management apps would be also helpful in tracking progress and reminding the user, whether his/ her daily goals are met or not. A single app capable of managing, tracking and reminding every detail would be surely a unique selling proposition (USP) for the company. Moreover, this app would be able to grab the customer base of those apps which do not have multiple usages. This section would be including a comprehensive analysis of the marketing plan for Personal Time Manager. Aspects like market segment, target customers, competitors, buyers, and strategies would be also included in the domain of this marketing plan. 5.1 Marketing Segmentation Market segmentation is a part of the marketing strategy which assists in segregating the consumers in homogeneous groups based on their needs, preferences, and other criteria. ...
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