Coursework 2 Report

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Coursework 2 Report Project description Table of Contents Report 1 3 Social Media Networking for B2B Segment 3 Social Media Networking for B2C Segment 3 Work Cited 5 Report 2 6 Advice on How to Develop a Mobile Application 6 Factors to be considered for developing a Mobile Application 6 Benefits and Limitations of Mobile Application 7 Work Cited 9 Report 1 In report 1, the discussion would be on L’Oreal’s way of utilizing social media marketing for Business to Business (B2B), which targets the sellers, distributors, or salons, and Business to Customer (B2C) segment, which targets the end users or retail customers.


This social media suit has certain tools which will assist them to enhance the Facebook pages, and it will also permit L’Oreal to evaluate the transactions of the salons who have taken the distributorship of L’Oreal. These salons can also launch dynamic videos on their Facebook page, register appointments, bookings, and information sharing on behalf of the company (Thomson “Is B2B Social Media Marketing behind B2C"). The company also supplied their distributors and suppliers with various educational resources to enhance their social marketing strategy, and as a token of motivation each distributors were also given an advertisement credit of $25. The company received strong response from around 21 million supply points around the world (“L’Oreal, Salon Campaign by Buddy Media"). They were also successful in reaching out to more than 6000 salons and approximately 1.7 million clients (“B2B and B2C Brands Discovered the Value of Social Media marketing in 2012"). ...
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