"Marketing Plan" ,, as required in the Outline

"Marketing Plan" ,, as required in the Outline Research Paper example
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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Introduction Prior to any degree of success being realized due to the introduction of a new product or product line, the firm in question must thoroughly research the market as well as the potential consumers of whatever good or service they are attempting to integrate with the consumer base.


By providing an overview of the geographical markets, overall sales/market share, expectation for future sales growth, profitability potential, and seeking to analyze and understand the firm’s geographic growth strategy, the reader/researcher is able to determine a great deal with regards to what may take place within the future without ever having to suffer the risk and danger of blindly testing a highly costly product line in a market or with a given demographic of the consumer base that would ultimately reject it. Description of Company Begun in 1987, Red Bull is a European firm with headquarters just outside Sulzberger Austria. In such a way, it comes as no surprise that the full power of the most potent geographic market for the firm’s offerings exists within the continent of Europe. Although the firm has experienced a great deal of growth worldwide and is now exhibited over 100 nations, the fact of the matter is that the product has been integrated with the European market now for over 20 years. In such a fashion, for many of the nations in Europe, Red Bull exhibits nearly 90% market share with regards to energy drinks. ...
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