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Report Answer 4 This part will recommend a marketing mix strategy for the energy providing organization. The marketing mix serves the purpose of being an important business tool that refers to mainly 4 P’s namely product, place, promotion as well as price.


The advent of new technology will contribute to raise the productivity and will also reduce the production cost. The introduction of upgraded technology will enhance the power quality. The technological progress in the production process will also contribute in the distribution process of power. In this fashion less power will be lost in the distribution process and can be utilized by the people (Mkpandiok & Dimla, 1999). Price The price is the most important determinant that either drives the consumers towards the products or drives them away. If the price strategy is attractive the consumers will be driven to buy the products (Salzman, 2008). Again if the consumers believe the price is costlier than the substitutes available in the market, they will drive themselves towards the substitutes. Therefore thorough market research is necessary before labelling up the price. The company firstly needs to target the consumer base. If the target base is the upper income level people then the incomes of those consumers should be taken into account while adopting the appropriate price strategy. It is important to judge the demand throughout the year as well. It is recommended to use the flexible or the reasonable price strategy since this will allow the middle income group to fall with the consumer base. This strategy will have two objectives (Belohlavek, 2008). ...
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