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Term Paper example - Implementation of a Customer Relation Management System (CRM) in B2B with the example of Aviation business

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Term Paper
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Implementation of a Customer Relation Management System (CRM) in B2B with the Example of Aviation Business Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. The Strategy 4 2.1 Design CRM Strategy 4 2.2 Market Research 7 2.3 CRM Standards in Aviation 9 2.4 Possible CRM Process Overview 12 2.5 Possible Implementation 16 2.5.1 Modus Operandi 16 2.5.2 Special Features 19 19 2.6 CRM Change Management 20 3…

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Therefore, airline organisations need to develop new methods to manage the customer relationship in order to enhance customer loyalty and income. The impacts of global economic downturn along with the terrorist attack of 9/11 have severely impacted on the aviation business. The airline companies concentrate on operational developments in order to minimise expenses without ignoring the demand of customers. Customer relationship has nurtured for aviation companies to maintain competitive advantage and productivity in the long-run. The customer relationship management (CRM) has become a tool for aviation companies for managing good association with the customers (Boland & et. al., 2002). The paper explains the CRM system in B2B business with concentration on aviation business. B2B allows one business to interrelate with other business. The developing technologies have enabled businesses to apply CRM system in B2B. The chief resemblance between B2B and CRM is that they both work on online platform. Therefore, developing and implementing CRM strategy on the basis of B2B model can result in low managerial expenses, well-organised marketing promotion and improved customer receptiveness. ...
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