Pension Fund SWOT Analysis & Strategy

Pension Fund SWOT Analysis & Strategy Essay example
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More than thousands of years the word culture is conceptualized by philosophers, historians, sociologists and anthropologists. In addition, a set of beliefs, values, norms and thinking for behavior of all members of society and their common understandings of each other is called culture.


However, cannot be defined accurately but it can be felt and sensed. Likewise, an organization has its own culture, rules and regulations to follow. Organizations are like societies; therefore, they have their own parameters. If the rules, regulations and parameters are followed strictly and the productivity outcome is excellent, the organization has strong organizational culture. Otherwise, the organizational culture is weak, it is not implemented strongly, or there are weaknesses in set parameters. Significant benefits are obtainable through strong organizational culture. Nonetheless, it is possible when the fundamental of survival structured on ability of an organization regarding changing and acquiring. Thus, strong culture is a liability for an organization (Mobley, Lena and Kate, 128-139). However, strong culture requires SWOT analysis of all the stakeholders of an organization. Five significant external and internal factors There are five significant external factors, which influence positively or negatively the environment of an organization. 1. Customers: The customers of an organization are the core external target of an organization. The customers can be pursued through marketing, and attractive corporate knowledge. An organization needs clients to sell its products; therefore, it is necessary to increase clients. Moreover, strong client’s organization attachment is mandatory. 2 ...
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