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Dissertation example - Civilian Employment with the US Army in Germany - Discrepancy between US Employees and LNs (Local Nationals)

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The US army Stationed in Germany (Grafenwoehr).
The city of Grafenwoehr lacks industrialization and owes most of its employment to the US army. 2,358 of the local population of Grafenwoehr are employed with the USAG Grafenwoehr. The Station is situated in the border of Garrison city…

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The population of Garrison comprises 9162 military personnel, 5,098 training troops (hailing from NATO and US units). 1009, civilian employee stationed with US army, 953 Employees on contracts and 12603 family members.
USAG Grafenwoehr predominantly provides installation support and services for expeditionary process of JMTC, V Corps. The station facilitates TSC and transient training units to build a strong army for the defence of the nation and enhance the quality of the army personnel.
Civilian Recruitment: (AF, NAF and FNC)
The US army employs civilian employees under specific three categories namely- Appropriate Fund Civilians, Non –appropriated fund civilians and Foreign National Civilians. Each category is subjected to different policies and regulations regarding payroll and benefits.
Compare to any other organization US army exhibits a lot of diversity in their work force. The functioning of the US Army unit depends on the smooth interaction between the local nationals and US army recruits. The local nationals have to be trained in certain way to understand the work requirement of the US army.
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