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Company Analysis - Analytical Report Name Institution Date Company Analysis of the Ford Corporation Executive Summary Henry Ford launched the Ford Motor Company in 1903, in Dearborn, Michigan, with the aim of equipping every American citizen with an automobile (Geyer, 2011).


Alexander Malcomson encouraged his own business partners to invest in Henry Ford’s recently established business which was mainly viewed with skeptcism by the public. It was only the efforts of Malcomson that allowed Ford to be registered as a legitimate business. At its first stockholders’ meeting, John Gray was elected as the company’s chairman while Henry Ford took over the vice-presidency. Moreover, the three initial starters of Ford would not long remain friends and partners. Subsequent disagreements led to John Gray resigning his post and Henry Ford taking over as president of the company. While Henry Ford was quite successful in managing the company, the real profits came with the outbreak of World War One. As a pacifist, Henry Ford joined other leaders in Europe in trying to avert the outbreak of war. Even though his efforts were unsuccessful, his reputation as a pacifist served him well when the Allied Powers turned to American car manufacturers for military vehicles for the war. Ford’s phenomenal success would continue right through the First World War, but would start to wane before the Second World War because the company was being run as a personal fiefdom and not a multinational corporation. In addition, Henry Ford did not pay much attention to the needs of customers, but was more interested in building vehicles that were to his tastes. ...
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