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Steps you can take to make online system safe for customers - Research Paper Example

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Providing a secured online business environment to the customers Contents Introduction 3 Steps to ensure secured online transaction for the customers 3 Reference 5 Introduction With the advent of technology in every field of life, it has become easier to avail various services at the comfort of home…

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Steps you can take to make online system safe for customers

The sectors which were highly benefitted with the advancement of technology include healthcare, education, communication and retail business. In spite of having so many positive elements, technology still suffers from certain flaw which involves too much dependency on technology which in turn lessens the value of human labors. However, the biggest disadvantage of technology that has become a topic of discussion these days refers to the security threats faced by the users of the advanced technologies. We shall discuss further how to overcome these threats from the viewpoint of an IT manager of an organization. Steps to ensure secured online transaction for the customers According to the Computer Crime and Security Survey of 2009- 2010, Malware infection was regarded as the most common type of security attack, with almost 67.1% people reporting it. Also around 45.6% of the people reported that they had been the target of at least one security threat. Many had faced financial losses due to poor security system and therefore they didn’t mention the amount of loss they had suffered. These incidents however make the general people aware as well as lose confidence in the benefits of online business opportunities. ...
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