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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: E Market Business Plan Executive summary In the world today, people are advancing in technology to such levels that they can be able to exchange goods and services without necessarily having physical contacts. The information technology has advanced so that information can be passed from one individual to another within a very short time and easily.


Through the different systems, commodities are delivered to the customers who buy them as per plans that are considered appropriate to the two parties involved in this business (Funk 27). In another way, marketing and promotion services are conducted through the internet and they characterize display of information that is important about specific commodities is availed in websites. Through the online services, a variety of businesses have been established in the world, ranging from banks, store and warehouses as well as supermarkets which sell food products and allow payments to be done in advance and through electronic transfers. In most instances, credit cards have been used to make payments for good ordered and they enable a buyer to purchase products that are worth very high amount of money without limitation (Turban, King and Lang 384). Global Artisan Network Company (GANC) is a business that is designed in that it can provide its customers with a variety of products in the field of art. GANC is established in the principles of sale of products and services to customers who are found in different parts of the world. ...
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