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Film Review Contents Summary 3 Flaws 4 References 6 Summary Google came up with the same name every time I looked for the worst movies of all the time. The name is “North”. Released in 1994, “North” is a movie based on a novel by Alan Zweibel. The story revolves around a kid named north, who’s 9 year old and is panic stricken about his parent’s arguments.


If he fails in his search then he will be sent to an orphanage. Here starts the journey of the boy. As his case was unique therefore he got popular worldwide and several parents desired to adopt him as their son. He travelled to Texas in search of perfect parents. In Texas he spent some time with his new parents (Smith, n.d.). Due to some issues he couldn’t stay there and therefore he further moved on. His next destination was Hawaii. In Hawaii he was adopted by the Governor and his wife. Soon he found that he was being used for promotional purposes for alluring the people to stay at Hawaii. This embarrassed the kid and he again decided to move on. The next destination is Alaska where he finds an Inuit village and a new set of parents. On the other hand, his actual parents got affected by Coma and they were displayed in a museum. Meanwhile all the children of the whole world got influenced by North’s success and therefore they started threatening their parents by hiring a lawyer & giving divorce to them. The next part tells that North tried to settle with an Amish couple but he was completely turned down as the place had no electricity. In this way the journey of the kid continues when ultimately he gets to know that his parents have recovered from Coma and is requesting him to come back. ...
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