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Assignment example - A new line of organic products for an existing company

A new line of organic products for an existing company Assignment example
High school
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A New Line of Organic Products for an Existing Company Executive Summary A proper marketing plan can support a particular company to accomplish its desired business targets. In this regard, an effectual marketing plan has been devised for an American based retail chain named Auntie Anne’s which tends to introduce a new line of organic products in the business markets where it operates…

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It is to be stated that the devised marketing plan would eventually serve the company to accomplish its expected business targets in terms of introducing its new line of organic products successfully in different business markets. Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 6 Evaluation of Current Business Prospects of the Organization 7 Need for New Organic Products 7 Market Analysis 8 Target Customers 8 Buying Behavior 9 Influencing Factors 10 Competitor Analysis 10 4 Ps Strategies 11 Financial Forecast 12 Challenges 13 Conclusion 14 References 15 Introduction Auntie Anne’s came into existence in the year 1988 in the USA. The company has been viewed to perform its different operational functions in nearly 24 countries worldwide. The company specializes in the art of delivering packed food products to the customers. The company is known to deliver its broad assortment of products in airports, railways stations and busy shopping streets among others. The company desired to provide many nutritional benefits to the customers with its different product offerings as compared to the products belonging to other similar companies. It has been apparently observed that the company primarily focuses on making freshly baked pretzels, flavored sticks along with drinks among others. ...
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