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Name of the Student Name of the Professor Course Number Date Sony Hi-Fi System Table of Contents The Executive Summary 3 Industry Analysis 3 Company Background 5 Marketing Strategy 6 I.Marketing Strategy Overview 6 a)Marketing Strategy Statement 6 b)Objectives 6 II.Strategic Marketing Components 6 a)Branding 6 b)Image & Positioning 7 c)The Target Market 7 d)Sustainable Competitive Advantage 7 III.


The sector has been growing at a rapid pace since the last few years, but 2012 was a breakthrough year, as during this period, the industry generated the highest ever revenue. However, the most alarming fact about the consumer electronics market of UAE is that, it is mainly driven by the tourist segment. Hence, the dependency on the tourist segment is extremely high. The local consumers on the other hand are more cautious when it comes to the purchase of electronics product or any other luxury goods. This study will investigate about the possibilities of Sony to gain success in the UAE market. The company is currently dealing with several external business challenges and to curb those issues, they are recommended to launch a new product i.e. a Hi-Fi system with affordable price. The financial crisis of UAE and weaknesses in Dubai is also a cause of concern for the industry. The financial crisis has compelled local consumers to spend in a vigilant way. Despite the stern situation, UAE still remains an attractive market for the companies belonging to the consumer electronics segment. ...
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