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Commercial Aircraft Marketing to Carriers INTRODUCTION With the increasing trend of globalization, the world is becoming a much smaller place. Automobile industries are not the only one to flourish by a greater level, but also the aircraft industry has also been to be boomed in this competitive landscape.


Apart from increased level of globalization, the factor concerning gaining momentum of internationalization also made the business market much complex as well as competitive at large. It has been viewed that the organizations or the manufacturers adopt, execute as well as develop effectual marketing strategies with the motive of gaining certain significant benefits. These benefits might comprise raising market share, enhancing overall productivity along with profitability, attaining superior competitive position and most significantly retaining their potential customers (Mark 1-7). DISCUSSION The different marketing techniques and processes that adopt, implement and develop by dissimilar organizations ultimately help them to avail various significant benefits. These benefits might embrace generating greater customer value, enhancing value especially of the shareholders and attaining maximum profitable growth among others. With this concern, a few of the most common marketing techniques and procedures used by aircraft manufacturers to market their aircraft to potential airline customers have been described hereunder. Fleet Planning Fleet planning has been viewed to be one of the main concerns for any aircraft manufacturer. ...
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