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INTRODUCTION Customer service has become one of the most important aspects for any business (LeBoeuf, 2008). Businesses that are able to offer better customer services are able to flourish in this competitive environment (Kotler, & Keller, 2007). If successful businesses are analyzed, then it can be found that businesses that not only concentrate on their products but also focus on their services are able to do well than those that do not emphasize on their services (Kumar, 2008).


Marks and Spencer has successfully expanded its market and today it has more than 900 retail outlets all over the world. It is also listed in London Stock Exchange. The company however started facing problems relating to its marketing department. Main theme of Marks & Spencer was to provide high quality and innovative products along with exceptional services but the company has started to fail in achieving these objectives because of the wide expansion in their product portfolio. Due to the expansion in the portfolio the company has lost its main objective slightly and because of this reason, competitors are able to grab the opportunity. However, the quality of service has been one of the hallmarks that have helped the company to survive difficult times and make sure that the company is able to do well than its competitors. This report analyses my personal experience that I have gone through during my employment at Marks and Spencer. The report analyses and evaluates not only my experience, but the experience of the overall team with which I was working. ...
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