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Marketing Philosophy and Strategy Name University Abstract The impact of the global economy and globalization on the marketing landscape is observable in the staggering percentage of new product failures and the emergent challenges being faced by marketers in managing the marketing effort.


The research conclusions assert that while, technological advancements such as the Contemporary Marketing Practice (CMP) framework, Hybrid Distribution Systems and Demand Change Remediation have significantly aided the effectiveness of marketing practices, ethical and legal issues such as concerns regarding consumer online privacy and targeting children via marketing efforts still need to be addressed. The paper also assesses the product launches of Sony BetaMax, Colgate Kitchen Entrees and Pepsi-Kona to determine the challenges in new product development in the marketing landscape of today. Marketing Philosophy and Strategy The dynamism of the marketing landscape requires a comprehensive understanding of the issues and concerns related to the development of new products and the impact of the global economy on the marketing philosophy and strategy of a business. The purpose of this research paper is to employ the findings of prior literature and scholarly articles to examine the challenges that are involved in the development of new products thereby, assessing the impact of technological advancements in assisting the effort of new product development. Furthermore, the paper conducts extensive research into prior literature to fulfill the objective of addressing the legal and ethical implications of marketing efforts. ...
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