The online word-of-mouth (online user reviews) effect on the hotel room consumer's decision making: A case study of Galaxy Cas

The online word-of-mouth (online user reviews) effect on the hotel room consumer
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ABSTRACT In this dynamic world, internet has been playing an important role in the consumer decision process. Before making any purchase decision, consumers go through a consumer decision process. The study included literature of WOM and eWOM and their roles on the consumer decision.


The study included sample sizes of 300 customers of Galaxy Casino Hotel. The research was based on the Edelman’s consumer decision journey model and then related the responses from the customers according to the model. The purpose of the study was to identify whether the reviews of online user have an influence on customers of Galaxy Casino Hotel or not. The study assumed samples as the overall population of the Hotel. Random samples were taken to carry the study. It was concluded that the online user reviews does not have an impact on the customers of the Galaxy Casino Hotel. The reason for this purpose was that majority of customers consulted travel agents for accommodation. The study concluded the role and importance of travel agents for the consumers regarding their journey. Consumers preferred travel agents because travel agents have reputation and the consumers had the belief that they are trustable. Table of Contents CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 4 1.0. INTRODUCTION 4 1.1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 5 1.2. BACKGROUND OF THE HOTEL INDUSTRY IN MACAU 6 1.3. LANDSCAPE OF GALAXY CASINO 6 1.4. AIM OF THE STUDY 7 1.5. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 7 1.6. RESEARCH QUESTIONS 8 1.7. PLAN OF STUDY 8 1.8. SUMMARY 9 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 10 2.0. INTRODUCTION 10 2.1. WORD OF MOUTH 10 2.2. ELECTRONIC WORD OF MOUTH (EWOM) 11 2.3. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL WOM AND EWOM 11 2.4. ...
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