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Interim Assessment Report Name of the Student University Problem Definition The analysis of Saudi market, in terms of infrastructure and the consumer acceptance of mobile market reflect that it is still at its infant stage. However, the basic issue that business houses of Saudi Arabia are facing today is about how they can build and promote their brand through social media channels.


Research objective Research objectives are the most important elements of a study. It is often regarded as the foundation of a research work (Babbie, 2012; Kumar, 2005). Moreover, the scope of the research is also established on the basis of the objectives of the study. This study principally aims to examine the impact of mobile search &social media on brand awareness, marketing and liberalization in Saudi Arabia. However, the study also has other objectives as well. The different objectives are presented below: - To identify the influence of mobile search & social media on brand awareness, marketing and liberalization in Saudi Arabia. To recognize how social media can drive customers towards a business and how it can help companies to embrace loyal customers. To identify the best or the most popular social media in Saudi Arabia. To explore how the indentified social media is helpful for the common people and business houses of Saudi Arabia. To identify how mobile search & social media can be used by business houses to investigate the business environment and simultaneously bring innovation to the business. To create an independent model to survey the business environment by employing mobile search & social media. ...
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