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Name Course Tutor Date Online Assessment This paper will address the topic online assessment with specific reference to Samba Bank. In doing so, the paper will answer four questions that relate to Samba Bank. Samba Financial Group is a large banking firm located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (“Samba Financial Group” 1).


RESPONSE 1 Samba Bank uses two Cialdini weapons of influence (Polanski 1-6), which includes reciprocity and scarcity intentionally. Notably, reciprocity dictates that whenever we receive value, we get an impulse to give value back (Cialdini 3-8). Indeed, in some cases, we may even get inspired to give back more value than we received. Indeed, whenever we receive value free in the marketing, it is for impelling reciprocity. Hence, we have so many promotions, discounts, and gifts in the market to trigger us into buying more (Cialdini 3-8). In the case of Samba bank, this weapon applies where the bank hospitalizes customers with expensive kinds of coffee, dates, and chocolates, which get customers satisfaction. The reciprocity effect is that the bank will maintain its customers and encourage them to do more transactions. As branch manager, I also use this weapon mostly when dealing with a customer who is out of the country and his time deposit has matured. I seek to satisfy such customers when they call the bank for a renewal instead of following the formal paper work process of renewal. As such, I renew their accounts over the phone and wait for their signatures until they come. Hence, I satisfy their needs with an aim of maintaining them and gaining reciprocity when they return. ...
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