Influences of economics and marketing on relationships in the global food supply chain

Influences of economics and marketing on relationships in the global food supply chain Essay example
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Food is one of the basic needs of the society and since ancient times a number of governance initiatives have been introduced for improving food security. Food scarcity, spoilage of food and over-abundance in certain areas have been the central theme for many a riots and social unrest within communities.


Global food security and governance have become increasingly complex in the past few decades owing to a gradual shift from local to global food supplies. “The capacity of single households to ensure an adequate supply of food for its members is affected by developments from local to global. Increasingly even nation states are losing control over the factors that determine the food security of their populations”.
In spite of the fact that an abundant quantity of food is being produced on the planet, millions are starving. The primary reason behind this is the corporate control over the food supply. The supply, distribution and manufacturing of food products have been controlled by the corporate system. The process of globalization has contributed to the advancement of biotechnology and agribusiness, which from the business’ perspective is profitable. Most of the capital invested on the production of food and food products goes to non-farmers. With the virtue of global economy, the corporations and supermarkets are churning a huge amount of money, which contributes to the imbalance of power between the farmers, consumers and food corporations. ...
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