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Volkswagen Student Name Instructor’s Name Course University Date of Submission Executive Summary The objective of this paper is to comprehensively examine the strategic position of Volkswagen, which is one of the foremost automakers in the global arena. In assessing the strategies of the company, the paper categorizes the analysis of the subject in terms of discussing the strategic direction and critically evaluating the company strategy in terms of its suitability, acceptability, feasibility and sustainability.


Additionally, the paper also discusses the company’s SBUs and growth strategies to assist the creation of a clearer stance on the development of Volkswagen’s strategic direction. Appraisal of strategic decisions is also conducted to provide direction for further considerations and research. Recommendations focus on the expansion of Volkswagen in developing markets by application of current strategies and the enhancement of its position in the markets of India, China and Brazil. 1. Introduction As one of the key players in its industry, German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen stands as the 14th largest company in the world according to Forbes (2013). Relying on the foundations of advancing corporate social responsibility and sustainability through its operations, Volkswagen’s mission extends to the provision of customer satisfaction, which is a practice that the company hopes would lead to its attainment of the first position in the global automotive industry by the year 2018. ...
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