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Socio-cultural Influences on Consumption – Japan Name University Sociocultural Influences on Consumption - Japan Japan is a conglomerate of subcultures. As per data on ethnicity from 2009, majority of the population (98.1 percent) are of local origin, while those from China (0.4%), Korea (0.5%), Brazil, Philippines and others put together form a small percentage (1.9% of population) (International Markets Bureau, 2010).


They are Gyaru who are highly fashionable, Hashiriya who are interested in bike racing, Cosplay who imitate some popular characters using masks, Hikikomori who are loners, Otaku who are interested more in hobbies; to name a few (Sugimoto, 2010). The consumers belonging to different subcultures have diverse needs and thus, choose different products for consumption. Shintoism and Buddhism are the major religions in Japan. Some people practice both, as the religions complement each other in many ways. Coming to the language, Japanese is official and widely used, even in case of business communication. Interpreters do the translation in case of language-handicap experienced with overseas business clientele. They expect their language to be valued, even while using it for business, promotional or packaging purposes. People are respected by age and the ancestors are worshipped in Japan. Extended families consisting of uncles, aunts and grandparents were of common occurrence until recent years, when the hike in real estate prices made nuclear families more feasible. However, all the relatives meet up during festivals. Thus, the consumption pattern of the consumers have changed based on the variations in the family structure. Food is an essential part of Japanese culture. ...
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