Reflections Paper: "Flip the Funnel" BS

Reflections Paper: "Flip the Funnel" BS Assignment example
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Reflections Paper: “Flip the Funnel” BS Introduction In the present highly competitive business environment, organizations seek to practice traditional business approaches in order to achieve their stipulated business objectives. However, the integration of traditional business approaches has been witnessed to encounter certain challenges that tend to reduce organizational competencies to efficiently compete in keeping with the fiercely growing competitive landscape of the marketplace (Jaffe, 2010).


Recognizing Challenges Prevailing in the Traditional Marketing Theories and Thoughts With reference to the observation of different thoughts and concepts in the reading i.e. “Flip the Funnel”, it has been recognized that the integration of traditional business approach has a major significance towards achieving organizational goals. However, the book has also revealed certain negotiable opinions which significantly identify certain drawbacks that might hinder the organization to effectively deal with the increasing competition at the marketplace. In this regard, a few major challenges concealed within the traditional business theories have been demonstrated in the following conversation. The compliance of traditional business theories generally incorporates frequently practiced strategies which might hinder the organization to achieve competitive advantage over its competitors. ...
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