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Company Analysis Name of the Student University Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1. Southwest Airlines 4 2. Measurement and Control System 5 2.1 Financial Measures 5 2.2 Customer satisfaction measures 6 2.3 Environmental Measures 7 2.4 Control System 7 3.


Analysis 16 6. Improvement due to the initiatives 17 7. Alignment of initiatives towards strategic management 18 7.1 Towards Customer 18 7.2 Towards Environment 19 7.3 Towards Operations 19 8. Comparison with other organizations 20 Reference 22 1. Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines officially started operating in Dallas 42 years ago. After they took off the first flight, there was a radical change in the ways the Americans used to fly. Southwest ruled the skies by introducing low fare travel, offering free whisky on board, go-go boots and undergoing rigorous expansion. The vision of the company was to provide the business people with a more efficient and faster way to travel at a much lower cost and rendering the personable service with smile and warmth. Southwest airlines have dealt in more domestic passengers than any other airlines. The company has grown with leaps and bounds and evolved as a strong organization but has retained the original vision. The company continues to provide low fare, excellent customer service and convenient flight schedules. The company has changed their products and services in order to cater to the changing taste of the customers. Not only the travelling habits of the customers have changed but also the short haul travel has declined. ...
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