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Organizational Culture Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Overview of Organizational Culture 4 Contemporary Issues 4 Organizational Culture of Walmart 5 How Is the Issue Affecting the Company? 5 How Is the Company Addressing the Issue? 6 Recommendations to Overcome the Issue 8 Conclusion 8 References 10 Executive Summary The leading global organizations are trying to increase their business efficiency and brand value through effective organizational culture.


This strategy will help the organization to achieve both social and organizational goals. The unique organizational culture of Walmart has helped the organization to operate successfully in the global market place. Identifying problems and implementing action plans has made the operation process very much efficient. An effective training and development program for the employees has helped them to increase their motivation level. These training and development programs have made them responsible towards their job profile. An effective customer service strategy is another important part of the successful organization culture of Walmart. Moreover, the organization has implemented an open-door communication strategy in order to simplify the communication process between the top level and bottom level of the organization. Bringing flexibility in the decision making process has helped Walmart to undertake effective decisions. However, the study will reveal the organizational culture of Walmart in terms work culture, customer service, internal and external communication, and the strategic decision making process of the organization. ...
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