Prepare a marketing plan for a company of your choice for the next one and three years

Prepare a marketing plan for a company of your choice for the next one and three years Essay example
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Marketing Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Mission Statement and Market Overview 4 Current market scenario 5 PESTLE Analysis 6 Market share and consumers 8 SWOT Analyses 9 Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning 10 Objectives and Issues 12 Marketing Strategies 12 Marketing Programmes 13 Financial Plans 14 Metrics and Implementation Controls 14 References 16 Appendices 18 Executive Summary Pharmaceutical companies are making great contribution to the economy of United Kingdom (UK), higher than most other high-tech industries.


GSK has a unique mission statement which explains their aim and (objective of) providing consumers with new products and with more improved projects. The following essay elaborates the marketing plan of the company by describing the current scenario of the industry and also GSK. SWOT analysis identifies the strength and weakness and also the opportunities and threats of GSK that are changing from time to time with the competitive market. The responsibilities that are taken by GSK towards the environment, consumers and the shareholders have been discussed in the study. To evaluate the position of the competitors of GSK, competitive analysis has been done. The Segmentation, targeting and positioning concept explains the target market of GSK and what they do to position their products among its consumers. Lastly a forecasted budget for the year 2013-2015 has been prepared. The income is expected to decrease, even though it can be assumed that the expenses can be controlled. This would possibly because of the unstable condition of the global economy. ...
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