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Starbucks Student Name Instructor’s Name Course University Date of Submission Executive Summary This marketing plan aims to discuss, analyze and evaluate the planned launch of a new line of organic products for Starbucks UK. For the purposes of effectively meeting the objectives of this marketing plan, the tools of PESTLE analysis and SWOT analysis have been employed in order to examine the internal and external environment in which Starbucks operates.


Furthermore, the report provides a discussion of the marketing mix and possible strategies that should be employed in order to ensure that the launch of a new organic product line by Starbucks in the UK is successful. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 1.Introduction 3 2. Situation Analysis 4 2.1 PESTLE Analysis 5 The rise of health conscious consumers in the UK means that the organic food industry is no longer categorized as a niche market but has recently become a market that is targeted towards the masses. According to IBISWorld, sales volumes of organic products in the UK are expected to rise by 2.6% resulting in financial growth of ?2.02 billion (PRWEB 2013). Certainly, this trend reflects increased consumer awareness regarding food products and the benefits of organic produce on health. 6 2.2 SWOT Analysis 7 3.Market Summary 8 3.1Segmentation 8 3.2Targeting 9 3.3.Positioning 10 3.3 Competition 10 3.4 Market Growth Potential 11 4.1 Marketing Objective 12 4.2 Target Market 12 4.3 Product Offering 12 4.4 Marketing Program 13 4.4.1 Marketing Mix 13 4.4.2 Marketing Communication Mix 13 References 15 PRWEB (2013). ...
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