Marketing across culture: HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns in Mexico - Coursework Example

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Marketing across culture: HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns in Mexico

With all these factors taken into consideration activists and the major stakeholders have faced challenges in communicating sensitive messages on HIV/AIDS which is considered by most of the audience as secret and sensitive ( Freimuth 2007). To ensure that this important sensitive message on HIV/AIDS prevention reaches the target audience in a convenient and comfortable manner it is important for the organizers for these campaign to design a suitable and appropriate way to convey these messages (Singh 2006).
There is no specific way in which the HIV/AIDS sensitive message can be conveyed in a diversified multicultural country like Mexico. The suitable way that the conveyance of these sensitive messages on HIV/AIDS can be as follows: the first step is to identify the target audience that the message should finally reach out, this step is the most important because it ensures that the desired objective is achieved which can be measured by the determining the implication and influence of the specific message on the target audience and this further ensure that message is in consistent with the requirements of the target audience (Sharma 2006). The second step is to adapt a prevention message that is consistent with the cultures, norms and beliefs of the specific target audience, successful implementation of this step ensures that the prevention message fits the target audience in a convenient way whereby they do not feel that their cultures as well as their social being rights have been violated thus this is the most crucial step in making sure that the sensitive messages are not ignored by the audience on the basis of their cultural background and their diversity of the identities(Sharma 2006). ...
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Major stakeholders involved in the HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns have faced a lot of challenges in their campaign activities attributed by these diversifications, this is further complicated by the complicated demographic set up and the existence of various segments of the target audience. …
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