analysis and discussion of non-markt and market behaviours, economic analysis of behaviour

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ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION OF NON-MARKET AND MARKET BEHAVIOURS, ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF BEHAVIOUR Abstract This study is about the analysis of Canadian political processes and its impact on the Canadian industries. First of all a brief overview of the Canadian economy has been provided.


Its impact on RBC and various strategies adopted by the company because of those economic impacts on the organization has also been discussed in this study. The role of cooperative and political behaviors in relation with the market based behaviors of RBS has been studied. Different strategies and policies that have been employed by RBC or are planning to employ have also been included in this study. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Canadian Economy – An Overview 5 Financial Sector in Canada – An Overview 6 Royal Bank of Canada 7 Stakeholders of RBC 8 Clients 8 Employees 9 Shareholders or Investors 9 SRI Community 10 Suppliers 10 Governments 10 Environmental NGOs 10 Economic and Regulatory Environment of RBC 11 Canada 11 United States 11 Europe 12 Financial Markets 13 Regulatory Environment 13 Economic Impact 14 Corporate Strategies by RBC 15 Corporate Governance 15 Risk Management 17 Policies and Procedures 17 Mutual Funds and Governance 18 References 19 Canadian Economy – An Overview The economic system of Canada is very much similar to that of United States of America. The industrial society of Canada is high tech in nature and is quite affluent in its resources. The standard of living of the people is quite high. There has been a significant growth in various industrial sectors of Canada like mining, manufacturing, services sector, etc. ...
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