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Aston manor brewery Reflective Statement The previous research report was meant to analyse the market position of Aston Manor Brewery. In order to do so, we have collected data from several sources and both primary as well as secondary data has been collected from the market.


As mentioned in the methodology, information was collected from Birmingham City University electronic resources and official website. In addition, we have also collected the information from the client itself as well. This data was achieved from client presentation. The client also presented us with their latest market reports and markets trends they are currently experiencing. The client was basically asked three questions which was as follows:- What is the marketing planning in the 2013? What is marketing planning promotion between 2012 and 2013? Example something new and improve something. In the Corporate Social Responsibility, Aston Manor Brewery has made certain achievements, such as charity fund and sports aspects. But in the future, corporate will be in the new field take more social responsibility? Can you explain how to do that? After doing this market research project, I have become aware of a number of facts. Hence, the assignment has helped me to learn a number of new things which I considered to be the most useful knowledge I have gained so far in my career. The assignment has allowed me to gain both theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. One of the moist essential learning from this resit portfolio was to know how a marketing plan is formulated. ...
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