The Co-operative Bank Brand positioning Project

The Co-operative Bank Brand positioning Project Essay example
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Brand Positioning of Co-operative Bank Introduction Brand positioning is the most important step in any business which helps it in achieving success. It mainly deals with planning of successful new products. Brand positioning ensures that the brand activity has one common aim which is guided and delivered by the benefits of the brand.


Brand positioning of an organization involves the following steps: 1. Identification of the direct competition of the business (including players offering products or services amongst bigger portfolio of solutions) 2. Understanding of the brand positioning of the competitors in the market. 3. Documentation of the own positioning of the company. 4. Comparison of company’s positioning with its competitors in order to identify the possible areas of differentiation. 5. Development of distinctive differentiated and value based brand positioning concept. 6. Creation of a positioning statement with customer value propositions and messages used for the purpose of communication development throughout the target audience. In order to develop a distinctive place in the operational market, an organization should choose a target market followed by the creation of a differential advantage in their mind. Thus, brand positioning is the medium by means of which the company can convey to its customers that what it desires to achieve for them. It can be said to be an activity of creation of the brand offer in such way that it will occupy a separate value and place in the mind of the target customers. It includes identification and determination of the similarity as well as difference for ascertainment of the correct brand identity and creation of proper brand image. ...
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