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Customer Relationship Management CRM 4.0 CRM Plan 4.1. Current Key principles Without having sound marketing strategy, it is impossible for a company to achieve success in the market. In this rapidly changing business environment, a business must embrace the agility to modify strategies and maintain a strong competitive position (Manning, 2010; Hesse-Biber, 2011; Kumar, 2011).


In this study, the key marketing principles of Primark will be evaluated. Product: - Most of the company’s merchandise of the company is manufactured by the company itself. The company specializes in menswear, childrenswear, womenswear and home-decor products. Some of the bestselling products of the company are footwear, accessories & hosiery, lingerie, and cosmetics. Most of the brands sold by the company are their own brand. Some of renowned ones are Atmosphere, Denim Co., Secret Possessions, Ocean Club, Backswing, Early Days and Rebel among others (Primark, 2013). With wide range of products, the company caters to customers of different segment. Distribution: - Alongside the importance of developing a sound product strategy, the development of distribution strategy is equally important (Bose, 2010). Moreover, for a company involved in apparel retailing, the importance of distribution is more (Dent, 2011). The success of the company is greatly dependent upon the distribution strategy pursued by the firm. Knowing the importance of distribution, Primark have also developed distribution strategy that ensures delivery of the products at the right place and right time. ...
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