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Title: Brand and Marketing Name Institution Part 1: Starting from humble beginnings in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Red Bull has grown into a dynamic and globally recognized energy trek provider. With regards to what this particular brand means within today’s environment, it can be definitively, our be it somewhat subjectively stated, that Red Bull is the most identifiable and widely recognized of any energy drink provider within the current system.


In such a way, Red Bull began targeting and specifically marketing to key demographics by sponsoring different types of extreme sports and buying marketing space with regards to those activities that were primarily watched or engaged with by their demographic target. Such an inexpensive approach allowed the brand to position itself effectively with regards to rapidly gaining market share in integrating with this specific demographic around the globe. With respect to how this target market has changed over time, it has not. This represents both a positive and a negative for the Red Bull brand due to the fact that it present situation in which they are continuing to speak to the specific needs and tastes of their target audience; an activity that they have a great deal of experience in performing. However, this also represents a drawback due to the fact that there are a limited number of individuals within this particular demographic to which Red Bull can integrate and hope to sell their product (Barnett, 2013). ...
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