The internal physical surroundings of a retail outlet have important implications for building store image and influencing consu

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Introduction This paper would tend to study about the in-store environment of retail outlets for building un-rivaled store image while influencing consumer buying behavior. Therefore providing the customers with unmatched shopping experience through effective and eye-catching retail environment has become quite essential for organizations to compete in the local and international retail industry.


In-Store Environment Physical environment of the retail stores play a crucial role in influencing consumer behaviors and provide the retail stores with an ability to create un-rivaled image particularly in service businesses. Additionally, retailers rely heavily on store atmosphere as it prolongs the time consumer spend in the store and increases impulse buying of the consumer. More importantly, enhancing the store atmosphere is the last option for the retailers in terms of gaining competitive advantage (Blackwell, Miniard, and Engel, 2006). A store environment can be best defined as an external stimulus that attracts individuals on personal level. The in-store environment includes cues, messages and suggestions for the customers to gain their attention so that they can spend quality time at the store. Retailers are provided with variety of benefits through effective and breathtaking in-store environment due to which they tend to design store environment that significantly enhances consumer’s positive feelings and motivation to purchase or stay longer in the retail store (Yoh, 2000). On the other hand, physical environment can be distributed into three categories. ...
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