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Case Study example - Hewlett-Punning : Questionnaire Design Sampling and Sample Size

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Case Study
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QUESTIONNAIRE AND SAMPLING Name: Institution: The HP questionnaire has a great design which perfectly conforms to the principles of questionnaire design sampling. The grammar and vocabulary used in the questions of the questionnaire are elaborate. They make it possible for all the respondents to the questionnaire to understand and respond to the questions effectively…

Extract of sample

This might not necessarily be an authentic manner (Malhotra, 1999). The questionnaire I have developed is in line with the principles of questionnaire design sampling. I have developed it in such a way that it avoids questions that are double-barreled. These are questions where a single question seeks for a response regarding two different topics at the same time. It becomes difficult to respond to such questions in the event that the answer regarding one of the topics is different from that regarding the other topic (Malhotra, 1999). I have also made the questionnaire in such a way that it does not make the assumption that the respondents are experts in the subject matter. In that regard it does not use technical terms which might make it difficult for effective response to be collected. The questions are all within the capabilities of the respondents. One of the best designs of a sampling process for a survey on telephone is the random sampling technique. This is the best technique to be adopted by HP so as to attract several families to its notebooks and PCs. It is a probability sampling design where all the members of the sample group have an equal probability of getting chosen to take part in the survey. Random sampling is a very important element for HP’s intentions. ...
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