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Executive Summary The Birmingham libraries have traditionally been associated with negative public perceptions due to poor publicity, and this has greatly influenced their low performance in service and product offerings; there is low public awareness of public libraries and their range of products and services in the Birmingham populations.


Marketing is based on five Ps namely product, place, price, promotion, and people (Russel 2008, p.12) and through marketing, marketers identify market needs, and prices that consumers will be willing to pay for products addressing those needs (Blythe 2005, p.4); using people in global markets by communicating the specific places where they can be found, and their prices. This way, promotion marketing increases sales substantially, in addition to collecting market feedback regarding consumer tastes and preferences, and addressing specific market needs. Marketing promotion strategies offer great potential for the library of Birmingham, which if explored to the maximum could have the impact of improving the library experience and increasing attendance substantially. For instance, marketing promotion strategies will increase the library’s visibility to the market both around and beyond Birmingham thereby creating awareness of the library and its services fulfilling the marketers’ objectives. ...
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