Service Experience Diary Report: Mystery Shopper

Service Experience Diary Report: Mystery Shopper Assignment example
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Service Experience Diary Report: Mystery Shopper Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Diary 3 Background 3 Pre-purchase Stage 3 Consumption Stage 3 Satisfaction Rating 4 Analysis 4 Title: Retro Dinner Customer Service Analysis 5 Expectation Theory 5 Satisfaction Theory 5 Service Mix: 8Ps Framework 6 Opportunities and Threats 8 Conclusion and Recommendation 8 References 10 Executive Summary This assignment is a service experience diary report.


This study will provide an overview of mystery shopping activities in a London based restaurant known as Retro Dinner. This assignment is divided into two parts namely Diary and analysis. The diary part will provide the record of mystery shopping activity. Then the study will analyze the overall judgement and feeling about the provided service by Retro Dinner based on the mystery shopping experience. Diary This diary is a record book of the mystery shopping activities. It will help to formulate an effective analysis and recommendation at the end of the study. Background I am an undergraduate international student of London business school. I am 20 years of age. This mystery shopping will help to understand the expectation and satisfaction level of the customers in terms of organizational customer services. This practical curriculum will help me to achieve important knowledge about the important of effective customer services that will enhance my future career growth. Pre-purchase Stage I made a plan to visit the restaurant in the evening during the rush hour. This will help me to identify the actual quality of service of Retro Dinner. ...
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