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Essay example - Differentiating Brands

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Differentiating Brands Name: Institution: Differentiating Brands The world of technology has evolved and with its evolution, a lot of new and innovative advances are helping to shape up the world. This may be in terms of globalization, industrialization, and political integration…

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However, they are the ones trying to keep up with the large brand nowadays, and it is through different strategies that they aim to realize their lost glory. Some individuals may say that Google is at a place where losing its market to some of its competition is next to impossible (Scott, 2008). This paper will examine three of Google’s main competitors, and find out if any of the strategies being implemented can work to topple the giant. Google, with regards to its competition, may have a difficult time trying to maintain the top position in terms of market share. Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook, as the three top contenders for the number one spot, are bringing in new ideas, innovations, and attitude to the IT world. They are trying to be the best at what they do, and to be the best, one has to beat the best. This is what they aim at achieving. They are now offering various products and services to their brand users across the globe, and their reward is the growing number of consumers they can boast of in the past year. The competition from all corners may make Google sweat a little as they work hard to maintain the strong grip on the ever-expanding market (Duthel, 2008). Google’s main competitors Microsoft In the IT world, Microsoft can be likened to no other. ...
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