Social Media Strategies of Walmart and Costco

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Social Media Strategies of Walmart and Costco Introduction The way people and organizations communicate has changed because of new inventions and innovations in technology. The Internet has paved the way for social media which many commentators call the new game.


But for organizations, it is an improvement for their marketing strategies. Social networking sites allow individuals and organizations to interact and know each other. For firms, this is one of the cheapest forms of marketing and advertising. Examples are facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Through these websites, people of different cultures are connected. Some websites have unique history. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and two of his friends; their primary aim was to connect with fellow Harvard students. Now, almost all kinds of people use facebook or twitter to interact. Organizations use these sites to communicate with their customers. It is an effective form of communication and interaction. For organizations, this is revolutionary and less costly form of marketing. They can improve their products and services and they are able to know their market segment better. Walmart’s account with facebook sounds enjoyable for children and young customers. Through this site, children can communicate with Walmart’s action and complaint department quickly. Costco’s products and services are also displayed at facebook. Costco has the same feel with kids, the way Walmart does. Marketing Marketing involves the promotion and selling of products and services. Philip Kotler (as cited in Laurence & Patel, 2009, p. ...
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