Launching new financial product in emerging market:

Launching new financial product in emerging market: Literature review example
Literature review
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Launching New Financial Product in Emerging Market Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 4 International marketing plan 5 Choice of target market and its justification 5 Choice of product and positioning strategy 5 Positioning strategy 6 Marketing objectives 6 Product strategy 7 Promotion strategy 7 Pricing strategy 8 Marketing planning phase 8 Factors of the emerging market 10 Argument on standardization and adaptation 12 Distinguish marketing plan 13 Implementation of the plan 14 International market selection 14 International targeting strategies 15 Mode of entry 15 Marketing mix 16 Product 16 Price 16 Promotion 17 Distribution channel 17 Scheduling of marketing operations 17


Buoyed by strong economic performance and political unity, the emerging markets like Thailand, India, China, and South have become the hot spot for foreign investment (Allan and Michael, 2010). The banking systems of these countries follow the Basel II accord and this has brought standardization and improved risk minimization and risk diversification. Banks and financial institutions from the emerging markets are setting up their operations in the overseas countries. Statistics indicate that since the past 10 years, the rate at which foreign banks from developed countries set up overseas operational base increased by only 17% (Bajaj, 2001). On the other hand banks from the developing nations have increased overseas diversification by 15% in only 5 years (Benner and Sandstrom, 2012). It is estimated that at this rate the overseas diversification of the foreign banks from developing countries will come to stand at 25% (Bonaccorsi and Daraio, 2009). ...
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