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New Project Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Part I: General Research 4 1. Aspects of IMC 4 Advertising 5 Direct Marketing 6 Sales promotion 6 Public relations 7 Personal selling 8 Part II: Application to Product/ Service 8 2.


Organization which can adapt itself with the changing business needs and scenarios are in a greater position to remain sustainable and competitive in the long term. The rise of technology has transformed the global markets in to a single connected entity. As businesses around the world engage in cross border transactions with individuals and other business entities, the issue of security in online financial transactions has gained high importance. This project introduces a new online product, which belongs to the online transaction market. This new product will try to resolve consumer issues faced in regards to existence of high service charges as well as level of security and confidentiality provided by the online transaction service provider. Introduction The world of business today has undergone a significant amount of change as compared to the early decades. Due to the rise of technology and internet, the extent of doing business for organizations as well as individuals comprises of various markets around the world. In the context of engaging business in various markets, the individuals and organizations has to engage in online transfer of high value transactions. As of the recent times, the financial options that are available to facilitate the online money transfer has some strong drawbacks in regards to the financial cap allowed as well as the application of high service charges. ...
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