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Kindle: Price - Essay Example


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Kindle: Price

The only companies that have managed to come up with a tech that can challenge the kindle are Sony and Apple Inc., who have also developed their own version of the kindle. Therefore, the best pricing decision that suits the kindle is customer importance (Nashville, 2012). The mental makeup of clients plays a key role in developing a product and a marketing campaign, which recognizes and addresses customer desires. According to Nashville (2012), assistant lecturer of clinical marketing at Harvard University, some of these concerns include how consumers feel, think, reason and select between diverse alternatives. These considerations can be persuaded by factors such as family, culture and media. Putting customers first will also aid to an extra word of mouth (Fox, 2012). No matter the price that has been allocated to the kindle, once a customer appreciates the service offered to him by the sales firm, he or she will go and advertize both the product and the organization to his or her friends at no cost (Theodossiou, 2010). When it comes to positioning, the kindle is basically a tool for readers. Therefore, such a product would not be helpful for people who do not take pleasure in reading. A reader is someone who wants to develop his or her self-image (Nashville, 2012). They use books to develop their knowledge or try to relate with the author and his or her message. The relationship between a book and a strong-willed reader cannot be overlooked. Therefore, the best positioning strategies

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that could be used to market this product are functional positioning and symbolic positioning. Functional position stresses particularly on benefits of the product to the consumer. Since the kindle is considered to be extremely beneficial to the consumer, no better positioning strategy could be used to market the product (Smith, 2013). Also, with regards to symbolic positioning, as mentioned earlier, readers are individuals who would like to enhance their self-image through reading. Symbolic positioning stresses on creating awareness of how the product will enhance the self-image of the consumer. Technology is also considered to enhance the image of the user. Therefore, this will make it much easier for market the kindle to market itself (Theodossiou, 2010). Even though, focusing on customers (customer importance) is a vital strategy to market this product, it is vital, in the future, to also incorporate some techniques that will keep competitors out of your reach (Smith, 2013). Obviously, once the product has started to sell, other firms will want to also incorporate themselves into this field to act as competitors. Therefore, at this time, undertaking a strategy such as competitive positioning will ensure that the firm continues to make its sales even though other competitors are starting to come up (Fox, 2012). Competitive advantage will allow us to differentiate our kindle from other organizations, which is a very crucial business strategy. Differentiation will set this kindle apart from others and will make clients want to associate themselves to this firm’s kindle (Nashville, 2012). When customers observe vividly what a firm has done to their product, then they will be attracted to that particular product


Kindle Name: Institution: Kindle According to a survey done by Amazon Company themselves, millions of people are assumed to be using the kindle bearing in mind that 3 million kindles have been sold since 2009. The kindle, even though it provides a digital version of a book, is said to be a less expensive option of acquiring a book due to the digital format (Fox, 2012)…
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Kindle: Price essay example
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