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Marketing Planning: Selling Yourself Name University ABSTRACT: The paper is on a marketing plan on how to sell myself as a product. Upon analysis of various articles and research papers on the process of marketing products, this paper has used the thoughts available on SWOT analysis, market mix and targeting and positioning strategies to demonstrate how I sell myself as a product.


It is of utmost importance to "know" the product that one wishes to sell (Marketing Yourself Assignment, pg 4) so that an effective and clear image of it can be shown easily to the potential employers and buyers. In this case, the product that is up for sale to the market is myself. How to demonstrate that I know myself as a product means that I must carry out an introspective and reflective analysis of my own capabilities and skills, and come to recognize what it is about me as product that will encourage or discourage potential employers to purchase me. The best way to delineate these positives and negatives about myself as a product is to make use of the SWOT analysis. The acronym SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (Renault & Schultz, n.p); a major use of this tool is to expose the positive aspects of an organization and "potential problems" (Renault & Schultz, n.p). ...
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