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Global Business Environment Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Global Business Environment 1. Why do African workers suffer from cheap Chinese products? African workers in have been suffering significantly due to cheap Chinese products being imported into their countries.


Nevertheless, all problems are being blamed upon the increasing number of imports into South Africa. According to a report for University of East Anglia in Britain, Chinese products into South Africa have cost them seventy seven thousand jobs for the last one decade. Besides, these Chinese imports are leading to slow industrial production, whereby it grew by fourteen percent from 2001 to 2010; instead of the anticipated growth of nineteen percent (Mabuse, 2011, 1). In fact, this is attributed to loss of market shared by South Africa to China, whereby making the exports to Saharan Africa lower than expected. In this case, one of the crucial ways through which workers in African countries have been suffering due to Chinese products, is their contribution to the problem of unemployment. Furthermore, this has raised concern among official, which have experienced the impact of these Chinese products in their country. For instance, South Africa recorded 25% rate of unemployment due to these Chinese product (Maswanganyi, 2012, 1). Obviously, this has an adverse effect on African workers given that it subjects them to cases on reduction of minimum wages, and job insecurities. ...
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