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Book Report/Review example - Bank of America

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Bank of America Book Report/Review example
Book Report/Review
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Bank of America has been in the banking business for decades. It has hit the status commonly referred as déjà vu. Done it all and seen it all. It is currently ranked as one of the top financial institutions in the globe. …

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The Bank of America has achieved an internationally acclaimed top notch bank status. This is a status that is easier to achieve than to maintain. The bank has been in operation for decades and has established roots al across the globe over the years. In the event that the bank happens to go down, he damage to families and businesses across the globe shall be colossal. It is very vital that the bank is kept afloat and at the top of the park as it has always been. In an effort to see to it that this comes to pass, the research sort to establish some of the ways through which he bank can make adjustments in its operations so as to attract more clients and to maintain the current ones. The study has managed to establish that indeed lifestyle does affect the need for banking services in several ways. It has been found with no doubt that the people who are always travelling find it difficult to access banking services as compared to those who always stay at home. In this regard it is vital that banks stop to concentrate on the people at home in their traditional promotional fashion but to hit the road and focus on constant travellers. The Bank of America in this regard should come up with a banking package that is specifically suited for the travellers.
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