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Name Course Course Instructor Date Marketing I really love the Ducati Monster advertising because of its clarity and naturalness. The Ducati advertisement is actually one of its kinds because even the website is provided to ease communication and interaction with potential customers.


I feel so passionate about the motorbike particularly considering the shape which almost resembles the cheetah’s speed. The motorbike just seems comfortable and enjoyable to any rider who loves sporting. The Ducati monster would not be assumed by anyone who loves sports especially because of its unique sport nature. What interests me most is the styling of the motorbike which provides a comfortable feeling when the rider is exposed outdoors. The lovely color of the motorbike would actually attract attention of everyone who adores colors even if the person does not love motorbikes. The Ducati Monster motorbike makes me have a real natural taste of an animal ride thus prompting me to feel like it is actually a lifestyle I should adopt. The Ducati Monster motorbike seem to be the fastest motorbike from the advertisement and this makes me cherish it even more because I can ride faster than vehicles. The motorbike shape which looks like the Cheetah’s shape makes it look very flexible especially while moving past many vehicles. Motorbikes normally give me freedom and enjoyment I love more so when I bring things into focus while riding. I find it enjoyable to see nature around and appreciate the beauty of everything around me while riding. While on the motorbike, I really feel in control of almost everything around me. ...
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