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Marketing Communication Plan Contents 1. Introduction 4 1.1 Background of People Tree 4 1.2 People Tree’s Brand Problem 4 2.0 Brand Communications Objective 5 2.1 External and Internal Situational Analysis 5 2.1.1 External Analysis – Macro Environment 5 2.1.2 Internal Analysis –Segments and Position 5 3.0 Context Analysis 6 3.1 Consumer Context 6 3.2 Business Context 6 4.0 Competition and Positioning 6 4.1 Perceptual Map 7 4.2 Target Market 7 5.0 Objectives 8 5.1 Promotional Objective 8 5.2 Marketing Objective and Marketing Communication Objective 8 5.3 Corporate Objective 9 7.0 Marketing Communication Process and Program 9 7.1 Advertising 9 7.2 Creative Strategy 10 8.0 Media 11 8.1 Out


Introduction 1.1 Background of People Tree People Tree is a popular retail fashion chain, based in United States (People Tree, 2013a). People tree is recognized as a pioneer in Fair trade and sustainable fashion (People Tree, 2013b). The objective of the company is producing ethical and ecologically acceptable fashion. The company thrusts heavily on fair trade, which implies creating innovative ways of doing business and providing opportunities for people Safia Minney is the founder and present CEO of People Tree. The mission of the organization is to support the producer partners and their effort towards economic independence and control of their environment. The company claims to protect the environment and use natural resources in a sustainable manner and promote initiatives which are environmentally responsible. People Tree aims to provide a free and supportive environment for the stakeholders and investors of the company. ...
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