Cereal Aisle Analysis

Cereal Aisle Analysis Essay example
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Publix Grocery Store Consumer behavior is something that has interested marketologists and business entities as long as these two have existed. The obvious reason for this is the fact that consumer behavior is ultimately the main determinant of whether or not money will be spent on a particular product and if so to what degree.


Rather, market colleges and analysts who have attempted to understand consumer behavior have oftentimes turned to an approach that is loosely referred to as the least common denominator. Within such an approach, an average of consumer behavior, or an aggregate of particular individuals is combined to render a more accurate picture and understanding of the manner by which the potential future consumer might necessarily integrate with the given product. Once this aggregate is understood to a more complete degree, the market colleges and experts within the field and then more effectively seek to leverage this particular behavior or thought process as a means of selling more of the product. For purposes of this particular analysis, the author will discuss the means by which individuals behaved on the cereal aisle of a local grocery store. Beyond merely being the assigned subject matter, the choice of the cereal aisle is important due to the fact that it represents perhaps the greatest level of choice that the consumer is faced with in the grocery store. ...
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