Marketing research of Arriva Plc

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Marketing Research of Arriva Plc Table of Contents 1.Introduction 4 2.Brief Description of Arriva Plc 5 3.Task A 5 3.1.Internal Analysis 5 3.1.1.Value Chain Analysis 6 3.2.External Analysis 9 3.2.1.PEST Analysis 9 3.2.2.Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 10 3.3.Summary of Analysis-SWOT 11 4.Task B 12 4.1.Aims and Objectives of Marketing 12 4.2.Identification and Segmentation of Target Market 13 4.3.Strategic Directions 13 4.3.1.TOWS Matrix 13 4.3.2.Generic Strategy 15 4.4.Marketing Mix 16 4.4.1.Product 16 4.4.2.Price 16 4.4.3.Promotion 16 4.4.4.Place 16 4.4.5.Process 17 4.4.6.Physical Evidence 17 4.4.7.People 17 5.Conclusion and Recommendation 17 Reference 20 1.


Globalisation has offered better market opportunities to the global business. On the other, it has also intensified competition. For example, free trade policy is an outcome of globalisation which is one of the major drivers of competition. In this regard, Hope and Maeleng have defined the free trade policies as “competition enhancing device” (Hope and Maeleng, 1998, p.61). However, globalisation has also offered other benefits to combat with such fierce competition like technical advancements, rational thought process, resources, multiple business theories and concept etc. Unlike the traditional concept, the management in post modern organisation has realised their priorities for achieving sustainability. For example, managements are more focusing on developing healthy relationship with customers and employees. Moreover, the management of post modern organisation are able to distinguish between ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’. ...
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